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BS6 belt storage conveyors from Nepean Group

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Nepean Group ’s BS6 conveyor combined with the "Universal" belt winder was first conceptualised for the Gretly Mini-wall where rapid belt extraction would be required about three times per week, with little or no interruption to production. Since then, the BS6 and Universal Belt Winder Package have been further improved and are now being used in the field of rapid advance - rapid retreat conveying, such as in support of longwalls, shortwalls, and breaker line support panels.

The BS6 combined with the Universal Belt Winder is suitable for all materials handling conveying applications that require rapid advance and retreat of the loading end or extendable/retractable conveying process.

The BS6 Belt Storage and "Universal Belt Station" (Belt Storage - Six Pulleys) and the Total Package Belt - Maintenance Station have short overall length of machine vs. high total length of belt stored. Models are available in all belt widths, can store and take-up with models to 600 metres "Live" belt, and have positively tracked, heavy duty, non-skewing take-up carriage with vertical axis thrust rollers. They also have high strength compression beam design, which self absorbs multiple belt shock loads without depending on how it is bolted down.

The "No Bolt" pin/wedge system allows for total disassembly and reassembly with a hammer. The Universal belt winder enables 200m of belt loading or extraction in 30 minutes from belt stop to belt restart. The multiple reel cartridges eliminate the need for other equipment or support machine for up to 4 belt reels, making the belt winder totally self-contained and independent.

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