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BOSS series of transmissions control systems from Nepean Group

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The BOSS series of transmissions, available from from Nepean Group , controls the amount of torque that the motor applies to the drive pulley. The transfer of energy through the BOSS clutch plates is controlled by a hydraulic annular piston, which forces the plates closer together on their free floating splines. The more pressure applied to the piston, the more energy the clutch transfers. The control of oil pressure is directly proportional to the output torque transmitted.

The patented BOSS clutch arrangement is immersed in an oil-bathed, lightly-pressurised inner cavity to provide both cooling and a viscous medium between the plates for a much smoother transfer of energy. The lubricant is circulated through the critical paths of the system and cooled by means of an external hydraulic power pack and cooler.

The BOSS system is designed for high-production conveyors and smooth start performance, and has on-site reliability. It also includes overall system cost, simplicity of maintenance and overhaul, power handling range, power transmission efficiency and power handling upgrades, and is retrofittable to all drive heads.

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