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Armoured face conveyors and beam stageloaders available from Nepean Group

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Inbye Mining Services provide services and equipment for the coal mining industry. Some of the equipment provided by Inbye Mining Services includes conveyors, storage bins, chutes, QDS attachments, AFC chain tensioners and roof support systems.

In addition to standard miming equipment, Inbye Mining Services offer a range of services, which include project planning and management, equipment maintenance, equipment overhaul and refurbishment, surface methane gas extraction plants and maintenance, mine ancillary equipment design and Longwall equipment deign.

Under Longwall conveyor products, Inbye Mining Services offer armoured face conveyors and beam stageloaders. Armoured face conveyors and beam stageloaders are available from Nepean Group . Armoured face conveyors have a range of equipment that includes maingate driveframes, transmissions, sprockets, line pans, spillplates, tailgate driveframes, chains and flights.

Following are the features of Inbye Mining Services maingate driveframes:

  • high capacity interlaced crossframe discharge with rock deflector
  • suitable for up to 2 x 1000kW transmissions
  • articulating hinged ramp pan with bottom race access
  • based on a low profile design with 50mm base plate and boltless construction

Under beam stageloaders, Inbye Mining Services provide crushers, driveframes, MG belt bootends and swan neck and mini pans.

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