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Roadmap for building an enterprise data warehouse.

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TERADATA, a division of NCR Corporation has released Manufacturing Logical Data Model (MLDM) 3.0, which defines how different types of data relate to each other and is a roadmap for building an enterprise data warehouse. The upgrade addresses customer needs in a range of vertical manufacturing segments, including the automotive, consumer packaged goods, high-tech, industrial and pharmaceutical industries.

It allows customers to support track and trace, test measurements and logistics data from across the enterprise. said Julian Beavis, Teradata's vice president for Australia and New Zealand.

Serving as a pre-packaged blueprint, the Teradata MLDM provides a starting point in the process of building and implementing an enterprise data warehouse. In this upgrade, manufacturers can take identified items and track them through the whole lifecycle beginning with production. Track-and-trace analysis can yield benefits around targeted product recalls, warranty expense management, shrinkage control, counterfeit-item detection and inventory optimisation.

Manufacturers can also track electronic product code-tagged units to better support radio frequency identification efforts.

The second new component of the data model includes a measurement subject area. Examples of measurement include any kind of quality testing done on an item or determining a supplier's performance.

Users will be able to track every movement of products through the supply chain and also have the data framework to analyse every test, measurement, inspection and examination that has ever happened to them.

The third new feature area of the MLDM 3.0 provides manufacturers with increased visibility into fleet logistics, including fleet movements and routing, freight billing and invoicing and bid tracking and scoring.

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