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Rain water harvesting systems from N Q Environmental

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N Q Environmental  provides effective and reliable rain water and concrete tanks as rain water harvesting systems. The different types of quality rain water and septic tanks available at N Q Environmental used for various applications are rain water tanks, flexible water tanks, modular tanks, AS tanks and transportable precast concrete water tanks.

The rain water tanks from N Q Environmental can be used for residential applications and for rural application. The domestic water tanks from N Q Environmental are available in different sizes from 509 litres to 10478 litres. It is easy to install on residential properties. Customers can also chose from larger capacities of up to 47950 litres.

As for rural applications, these rain water tanks can be used to store water of up to 47950 litres. N Q Environmental provides flexible water tanks that is ideal for do –it yourself works. It is Australian made and does not leak or rust. These flexible water tanks are suitable for using it under the house, deck or any confinec space.

N Q Environmental also provides unique modular slim line tanks designed to suit Australian life style. It is available in a wide range of colours for customers to choose from. These tanks are supplied with a 300 mille metre of mesh stainer for inlet, a 90 mille meter overflow and also a 25 mille metre outlet for pumps.

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