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Secure online store for any valuable item from My Photo Inventory

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My Photo Inventory  is a secure online environment to store valuable descriptions and photos. By using this site customers can protect against losing twice. Like the first time being the actual loss of the item, and the second time being unable to prove that they owned it in the first place. Products like jewellery, televisions, digital cameras, video games, few basic things such as microwave, washing machine, and even lawnmower can be added to customer’s inventory at My Photo Inventory.

Customers need to take pictures of their things and saving them on the secure My Photo Inventory site with a description including the condition of each item that they can refer back to which items belongs to them and also their original condition when it was brought into the house. That’s how My Photo Inventory can save a lot of customer’s grief. Customers can also enter the value of the item so that if something is broken by any known person, they can tell them what it will cost for them to replace the item.

My Photo Inventory also helps business customers, where in customers need to photograph, document and register the items that they give to each staff member, when they are employed, so later when the person resigns, a quick search of the My Photo Inventory site will identify all company property the employee was issued and the condition the items were in.

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