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T300 automatic tray sealers from Multivac

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Multivac Australia  presents the very compact T300 automatic tray sealers designed to process a wide range of trays.  

Incorporating the groundbreaking Multivac hygienic design as well as technology and quality standards, the T300 automatic tray sealers can pack products of any type automatically, hygienically and economically.  

Multivac T300 automatic tray sealers feature a space-saving design and stainless steel construction. Quick change tooling maximises productivity in tray packaging while the user-friendly IPC control with graphical user interface HMI 2.0 enables easy operation.  

Despite an overall length of only 2.45m, the T300 has an in-feed line with two loading positions to allow for ergonomic loading of the trays.  

Key advantages of Multivac T300 automatic tray sealers: 

  • Large basic tray format of 420mm x 300mm, dividable into 3 trays
  • High quality and durable stainless steel construction
  • Consistent hygienic design for optimised ease of cleaning
  • Variability through fast format changes
  • Ease of use with a touch display HMI 2.0 user interface
  • Energy efficiency with electric drive systems for the tray transport system, lifting unit and film trim winder
  • Suitable for the production of packs with a modified atmosphere and controlled oxygen content (optional)  

Standard specifications:  

  • Space saving stainless steel construction
  • Multivac hygienic design
  • Variably dividable basic tray format of 420mm x 300mm
  • Quick change tooling
  • Control unit IPC 06, stores up to 200 programs, 40 menu languages
  • Energy efficient drives
  • Outside cut
  • Film trim winder

Options include: 

  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • Printed film registration for packs with register printed upper web
  • Extension of the feeding line by 2 or 4 loading positions
  • Inside-cut system for packs without protruding upper web
  • Integrated vacuum pump (63, 100m³/h), external vacuum pump (150m³/h)
  • Tray de-nesting equipment
  • Castors for easy movement

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