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Simple and cost-efficient R225 thermoformers by Multivac Australia

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Multivac Australia  offers a comprehensive range of thermoforming machines designed for medium and large volume automated packaging requirements.  

Multivac’s thermoformers offer benefits such as a rigorous hygienic design, maximum reliability and flexibility to customise to individual packaging needs.  

Multivac's packaging consultants will work with customers to determine the most appropriate packaging solution for their products.  

Multivac’s R225 thermoformers feature a modular design and durable stainless steel construction. The packaging machines offer full wash-down capabilities (IP65) in an industry-leading hygienic design.  

In addition to comprehensive safety systems, the R225 has an easily accessible machine frame. An open architecture IPC control system with touch screen control panel offers user-friendly operation. Production data acquisition and storage is enabled in the machine. The R225 has a cut-off length up to 600mm and also offers flexibility in defining the product loading area.    

Key advantages of the R225 thermoformers: 

  • Customisable to individual application requirements
  • Superior hygienic design with full wash-down capability, inside and out
  • Easy access side panels and space for cleaning allow all parts of the machine to be thoroughly cleaned
  • Maximum reliability and machine uptime
  • Maximum operator safety
  • Intuitive, user-friendly control system with 30 available languages
  • Suitable for integration into automated packaging lines
  • Flexible in use of materials, cutting systems and formats

Hygiene benefits of the R225 thermoformers: 

  • Patented hygienic chain guide design
  • Easy to clean smooth, sloping outer surfaces with no recesses, corners or sharp edges
  • Machine interior is designed for optimum hygiene with all components easily accessible for cleaning via fully removable side panels
  • Certified to DIN EN 1672-2-2005, NSF/ANSI/3-A 14159-1-2002, 3A hygiene standards and USDA Equipment Acceptance

Options for R225 thermoformers: 

  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • Plug assist
  • Printed film registration - top film
  • Corrosion-resistant CRG-L stainless steel film transport chain
  • Range of cutting systems for flexible pack design
  • Network access to control system
  • Operating data recording system
  • Centralised lubrication system
  • Automatic chain lubrication

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