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Multivac offers fully automated and integrated High Pressure Processing (HPP) packaging lines

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Multivac Australia  presents a range of efficient, fully automated and integrated production lines for maximum throughput.

Multivac’s fully automated High Pressure Processing (HPP) packaging lines are designed for continuous production flow, integrating all necessary modules including loading and unloading robot, inspection, labelling, weighing, metal detector and cartoner among others.

In addition to ensuring higher degree of filling by optimised automated loading patterns, the Multivac packaging lines also offer assured savings in manpower costs.

High Pressure Processing or HPP is suitable for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) as well as vacuum packaging. A combination of MAP with HPP requires special know-how, which Multivac is able to offer based on their 50 years of experience in packaging.

Multivac offers packaging solutions suitable for HPP.

Key factors influencing HPP packaging solutions:

  • Overall HPP process control
  • Package design, geometry and format
  • Packaging films and film laminate structure
  • Type and formulation of product
Each HPP system consists of one or more HPP vessels and a pressure intensifier system. Typical pressures up to 6000 bar are used to destroy undesired spoilage micro-organisms in foods even at room temperature. This processing technology minimises degradation of vitamins and flavour.

A fundamental advantage of HPP is that the high pressure is applied in a homogeneous manner over the entire product, unlike heat processing where temperature gradients are unavoidable.

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