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Multivac Clean Design R 145 thermoformers for medical and pharmaceutical packaging

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Multivac Australia  presents the R 145 Clean Design thermoforming packaging machines designed to meet the special requirements of medical and pharmaceutical industries.   

The R 145 features a precise feeding system, optimised lifting units and the ground-breaking Multivac Clean Design technology that ensure that the thermoformer packages medical sterile goods in compliance with GMP requirements.  

The R 145 thermoformers ensure high packaging quality, process reliability and cleanroom compliance in medical and pharmaceutical packaging applications.   

The R 145 thermoforming packaging machines with Multivac Clean Design offer: 

  • GMP compliance and process reliability
  • Consistently high, measurable and reproducible packaging quality to cleanroom standards
  • Packaging of products within a modified atmosphere with controlled oxygen content
  • Flexibility in the use of diverse packaging materials
  • Fast format change variability
  • Ease of use with the innovative Multivac HMI 2.0 user interface

Process reliability is ensured with the reproducible, verifiable and visualised processes enabled by Multivac Clean Design in the R 145 thermoformers. Process and access control is allowed through user identification while traceability is enabled through recording of parameter changes by individual users.    

Cleanroom standards are ensured with GMP compliant construction and materials. Formation and accumulation of particles in the production environment are kept to the minimum.  

The R 145 thermoformers incorporating Multivac Clean Design offer user-friendly operation with a convenient IPC control and HMI 2.0 user interface. Intuitive operation is enabled on a touchscreen with graphics for user guidance.

Flexibility in operation on the R 145

The forming and sealing dies of the R 145 are configured for fast and reliable format changes, allowing the thermoformer to be used for the efficient packaging of virtually any batch size.    

All packaging machines with Multivac Clean Design are designed for maximum visibility and avoidance of cross contamination.

The R 145 has been designed with the following features: 

  • Visibility of all process related machine areas
  • Deflector plates in the inside of the machine
  • Widest possible avoidance of hidden voids
  • Minimum gap dimensions
  • Cable and pipe work routing in enclosed ducts
  • Protective cladding of assembly modules
  • Measuring hole for calibration
  • Central air exhaust chamber
  • Film discharger with pneumatic mandrel
  • Expandable with direct printing systems by Multivac

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