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DARFRESH thermoformers from Multivac for vacuum skin packaging

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article image DARFRESH vacuum skin packaging system

The DARFRESH vacuum packaging system from Multivac Australia is designed to deliver a unique range of attractive vacuum skin packs including flexible, semi-rigid and tri-web skin packs.  

The DARFRESH vacuum skin packaging (VSP) process involves the use of special films to gently surround the product and seal over the entire surface of the pack like a second skin, preserving shape, texture and product integrity for a premium retail presentation.  

The Multivac range includes three special thermoformers designed specifically for this process and offering all the advantages of Multivac's innovative packaging technology while covering the complete spectrum in terms of size and performance.  

DARFRESH vacuum skin packaging systems come in multiple volume capacities across models such as R 175 CD, R 275 CD and R 575 CD. In addition to a comprehensive range of options, the packaging machines set new standards in reliability, hygienic design and durability.  

The R 175 CD is a compact machine for lower to medium range vacuum skin packaging (VSP) applications.  

The R 275 CD is built for medium to high volume vacuum skin packaging (VSP) applications.  

Built for maximum output, the high-performance R 575 CD machine is designed for vacuum skin packaging (VSP) applications in high volume industrial production. 

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