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C70 TableTop Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine by Multivac Australia

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Multivac Australia offers the C70 TableTop Chamber vacuum packaging machines, their smallest vacuum chamber machine.   Ideal for sealing food products, industrial and consumer goods, medical supplies and pharmaceutical products.  Its compact size table-top machine is easy to clean, simple to operate and delivers first-class consistent packaging results. 

The C70 TableTop Chamber vacuum packaging machine features stainless steel construction, safety class window, quick change seal bar, filler plates, microprocessor control, automatic progressive ventilation and a vacuum “quick-stop”.

Benefits of the Multivac Australia C70 TableTop Chamber Machine:

  • Precision: accurate setting of desired sealing time
  • Consistency: settings can be stored as a recipe ensuring reliable results every time
  • Ease of use: intuitive, one-touch functionality for operation and saving recipes, glass viewing window for accurate monitoring of the evacuation process
  • Controllability: automatic progressive ventilation (allowing gentle packaging of softer, liquid or more delicate products), vacuum quick-stop, and clean double-seam sever-sealing
  • Reliability: German engineering, heavy-duty construction, high quality components and vacuum pumps guarantee excellent value for money with many years of productive use
  • Simple to clean: hygienic design with removable seal bar and filler plates; no corners, edges or areas for contaminants to collect
  • Flexibility: pack a variety of products in a range of bags and pouch sizes
  • Easy to service: Simple to access serviceable components for routine maintenance

Specifications of the C70 Vacuum Chamber Machine:

  • Non-rusting stainless steel chamber housing
  • Chamber lid with safety-glass viewing window
  • Slide-in sealing bar
  • Double-seam sever-sealing at bottom (1 x 3 mm, 1 x 1 mm)
  • Insert plates for sealing height adjustment
  • MC 06 control unit: stores up to 29 programs, 18 menu languages
  • Automatic progressive ventilation
  • Vacuum quick-stop

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