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C400 large single chamber machines from Multivac

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Multivac Australia  supplies the C400 single chamber machines featuring a stainless steel construction and a powerful pump.  

The C400 is available with several options including larger chamber, increased pump capacity and choice of sealing bar arrangements for optimum throughput.  

The stainless steel single chamber packaging machines are capable of packing a variety of products in a range of bag and pouch sizes.  

The microprocessor controlled single chamber machines also feature automatic progressive ventilation and vacuum quick-stop function.  

Key advantages of the C400 single chamber machines: 

  • Accurate setting of desired sealing time ensures precision
  • Settings can be stored as a recipe ensuring consistent, reliable results every time
  • Intuitive, one-touch functionality for user-friendly operation and glass viewing window for accurate monitoring of the evacuation process
  • Automatic progressive ventilation allows gentle packaging of softer, liquid or more delicate products
  • German engineering, heavy-duty construction, high quality components and vacuum pumps guarantee many years of productive use
  • Hygienic design with removable seal bars and filler plates; no corners, edges or areas for contaminants to collect
  • Flexibility to pack a variety of products in a range of bag and pouch sizes
  • Simple to access serviceable components for routine maintenance

Standard C400 specifications: 

  • Stainless steel chamber housing
  • Stainless steel lid height: 170mm
  • Various slide-in sealing bars options
  • Double-seam sever-sealing at top (1 x 3mm, 1 x 1mm)
  • Compressed air support for sealing
  • Insert plates for sealing height adjustment
  • Control unit: MC 06, stores up to 29 programs, 18 menu languages

Options for the C400 single chamber machines: 

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging system
  • Pack at atmospheric pressure - locking lid
  • Various chamber height options: 250mm, 330mm and 380mm with 170mm having option of viewing window
  • Automatic lid closing with footswitch
  • Filler plates for lid
  • Roller through conveyor
  • Pouch hold-down device
  • Various seal bar lengths: 2 x 520mm, 1 x 520mm and 2 x 500mm, 1 x 700mm
  • Single-seam sealing at top and bottom (1 x 6mm)
  • Double-seam sealing at top (2 x 3mm)
  • Water cooled sealing bars
  • Stainless steel tilted insert for liquid products
  • Vacuum throttle
  • Vacuum pumps: 100m³/h (Rietschle), 150m³ (Rietschle)
  • Cyclone separator for liquid or very wet products

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