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B 130 conveyor belted chamber vacuum packing machines available from Multivac Australia

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Available now from Multivac Australia , the B 310 conveyor belted chamber sets new standards in the chamber machine market with its hygienic design, ergonomic features and productivity level.

Capable of running at more than three cycles per minute, the B 130 conveyor belted chamber vacuum packing machine is extremely fast, and thanks to its tilting lid it is also quick and simple to clean and service.

Key features of the B 130 conveyor belt chamber vacuum packing machine include:

  • automatic high speed conveyor belt (webbing)
  • industry leading high speed throughput at over three cycles per minute
  • stainless steel construction with sloping surfaces and no places for dirt to collect
  • patented tilting lid
  • slitting unit for evacuation openings of oversize pouches
  • powerful pumps
  • microprocessor control
  • automatic progressive ventilation
  • parallel sealing and ventilation (can be de-activated); and
  • line integration.
Key advantages of using the B 130 conveyor belted vacuum packing chamber machine include:
  • precision: accurate setting of desired sealing time
  • consistency: settings can be stored as a recipe ensuring reliable results every time
  • ease of use: intuitive, one-touch functionality for operation and saving recipes
    • automatic mode and graphic based help function
    • rotatable control panel for easy operation from either side
  • controllability: automatic progressive ventilation that allows gentle packaging of softer, liquid or more delicate products
    • clean double-seam sealing
  • reliability: German engineering
    • heavy-duty construction
    • high quality components and vacuum pumps
    • strainer and valve protect the pump against product residues
  • simple to clean: hygienic design with removable seal bars
    • no corners, edges or areas for contaminants to collect.
    • tilting lid allows easy access for cleaning.
    • whole machine is rated IP65 for wash down and cleaning inside and out
  • flexibility: pack a variety of products in a range of bags and pouch sizes
  • easy to service: simple to access serviceable components with removeable side panels, tiltable lid and conveyor belt that loosens and dettaches at the touch of a button
  • capacity: increased throughput with automatic electric operation speeding up the production process
  • efficiency: electric lid lowering for lower compressed air consumption.
Standard specifications for these conveyor belted chamber vacuum packing machines are as follows:
  • stainless steel machine
  • stainless steel lid height: 230 mm
  • 2 x 950 mm sealing bars in each chamber
  • double-seam sealing at top (2 x 3mm)
  • water cooled sealing bars (can be activated)
  • compressed air support for sealing
  • control unit: MC 08, stores up to 29 programs, 18 menu languages
  • evacuation slit feature for the safe processing of overlong pouches
There are also a range of available options for the B 130 conveyor belted chamber vacuum packing machine, including:
  • roll stop strip conveyor belt
  • perforation unit for excess pouch material
  • cutting unit for trimming excess pouch neck material with trim suction removal
  • sealing heights (top): 18 mm, 36 mm, 54 mm, 72 mm
  • sealing heights (bottom & top): 36 mm, 54 mm, 72 mm
  • single sealing from top and bottom (1 x 5mm)
  • double-seam sealing at top (2 x 3mm)
  • sealing from above 15 mm,35 mm, 55 mm, 75 mm
  • vacuum pumps: external from 400 m³/h - 1000 m³ (Either Busch or Rietschle) or Internal 500-1500 m³/h (Busch or Rietschle Roots Pump).

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