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article image Every standard function pre-programmed.

THE MultiSmart pump controller is the result of pursuing two objectives successfully – combining “out-of-the-box” pump control with the flexibility of open protocols and high speed communications.

Operational staff find it easy to use and can make most operational changes, such as resetting pumps or adjusting setpoints, without external help.

The trick was to get the balance right, selecting and automating the key functions that are the bread and butter of pump station management and control, while still allowing open system input, configuration,and development control, for those who need it.

Twenty years experience of control and monitoring allowed MultiTrode to make the right choice for both groups of users, and at the conclusion of a $5 million development project every standard function has been pre-programmed into the MultiSmart pump controller providing ease of use plus advanced functionality for up to nine pumps.

“The practical benefits of a product that’s reliable, simple to use, cost effective and versatile, are increasingly important to engineers and operations managers,” MultiTrode marketing manager Steve Carson said.

“Feedback from the industry has been a key part of development. Features such as automatic pump cycling, maximum off-time to prevent odours during low activity periods, random duty starts to prevent fat build up in wells and redundant level sensing, are all things that were asked for.”

MultiSmart is a significant advance on the existing MT2PC and MonitorPro of which some 10,000 units are installed in municipal pump stations, and is destined to become a benchmark for water and wastewater management and control.

The new product is now being trialled by municipal authorities in Australia.

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