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MultiSmart pump controller introduced by Multitrode

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Multitrode has introduced MultiSmart pump controller to save major costs on usage.

One panel builder for a sizeable water authority concluded that the cost-savings of a panel with MultiSmart would be more when compared with the current design using a PLC/RTU combination.

The primary reason was a considerable saving in all the additional components required when a PLC is used for control volt-meters, phase-fail relays, push buttons, indicator lights, selector switches, and seal and thermistor relays.

The other significant reason was the reduction in cost of commissioning a new station with MultiSmart. There is no need for specialist integrators on-site as the operations staff themselves can commission a new station.

The MultiSmart pump controller has an intuitive LCD interface for setup and for operations. The innovative setup wizard allows operations staff to step through a series of questions with the end-result being a complete station setup to match one of a number of standard wiring diagrams.

Additionally, the user can change control set points, alarm set points, delays, various station optimisation parameters, supply protection, and I/O configuration all through the easy graphical interface.

The level simulation feature then allows a complete test of the station without having to wait for the well to fill and empty.

Because water authorities have similar requirements around the world, the product is also making great headway in overseas markets, a great result for an Australian-owned and Australian-based designer and manufacturer.

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