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Refractory materials and special items from Ausglaze

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Ausglaze  offers engineered refractory materials with high quality and reliability. Two main types of refractory products are offered which include refractory ceramic items and coating and bonding materials.

Refractory ceramic items are made from high aluminium content vitrified body and they withstand upto a temperature of1550 degree Celsius. Refractory ceramic items are resistant to mechanical and thermal shock. These refractory ceramic materials are further classified into electric kiln element supports, kiln ceiling fiber support and door plug, alumina cylindrical crucibles and thermocouple protection tubes.

Coating and bonding products from Ausglaze include monolithic castables, binding materials and non vitrified coating. Monolithic castables consists of themocast and thermoseal. Themocast and thermoseal are made from aluminium content castables with 20-30 percent refractory cement. This cement is used in the form of thin protective layers applied by brush, casting and trowel. Both these products are available in powdered form in 20 litre bags.

Special items from Ausglaze include number plates, insertion pictures, decors, spotter tiles and step treads.

Number plates are available in various combinations of the base and the numbers. Insertion pictures and decors are found overlapping the tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. Spot tiles are offered where spotters are glued using silicon adhesive to the tiles.

These special items from Ausglaze are decorative, hand made, customised, impact resistant and the step treads are covered with anti skid glazes.

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