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Glazes and tiles available from Ausglaze

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Ausglaze  manufactures a wide range of paints, glazes and other special items for the building industry. Most of the products manufactured by Ausglaze are hand made. The glazes and tiles manufactured by Ausglaze are available in a variety of patterns, styles and designs.

Ausglaze supplies special products through its permanent resource and development programme and has also developed a low firing vitrified porcelain body, which is used to manufacture glazes and tiles in any colour.

Ausglaze offers the following ranges of services; coloured glaze developments, item development, ceramic body developments and glazing and firing services.

The resource and development programme organised by Ausglaze helps in changing the colour of the products as requested by the clients. The shade and finish of the product can also be made as required. The colour developments include changing the look of ready glazed tiles. Item developments are used for restoration jobs, where for each job the appropriate ceramic body is used. For example, while making earthenware and vitrified porcelain products item development is used. Other services include reglazing ready glazed items.

The products offered by Ausglaze include border tiles, capping tiles, bathroom accessories, special items and refractory items and materials.

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