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The Neutra-Clean RG-2500 Battery Cleaners and Neutralisers from Multishifter Australia
18.11.2010 - The Neutra-Clean RG-2500 battery cleaners and neutralisers are effective in removing corrosion from terminals, trays and connectors.
Flow-Rite Qwik-Fill On-board Battery Watering Systems from Multishifter Australia
16.11.2010 - Flow-Rite Qwik-Fill On-board Battery Watering Systems operate with group size 24 through 27 as well as most 29 through 31, 12-volt batteries.
NS-630 acid spill kit available from Multishifter Australia
08.11.2010 - Available from Multishifter Australia, the NS-630 acid spill kit provides a safe and efficient way to control incidental acid spills.
Power Wash battery cleaning stations available from Multishifter Australia
05.11.2010 - Available from Multishifter Australia, Power Wash cabinets are battery cleaning stations that are ideal for use with medium to large fleets of vehicles.
The Mobile Shifter battery change equipment available from Multishifter Australia
04.11.2010 - Available from Multishifter Australia, the Mobile Shifter offers a cost effective and safe method of changing forklift batteries.
Multishifter Australia offers battery handling solutions
31.12.2007 - Multishifter Incorporation develops and manufactures industrial battery handling vehicles and battery storage systems.
Multishifter assists to change forklift batteries within minutes
24.11.2006 - Today’s material handling vehicles range from basic forklift trucks to complex automated guided vehicles.
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