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Multishifter assists to change forklift batteries within minutes

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Today’s material handling vehicles range from basic forklift trucks to complex automated guided vehicles. Whether simple or complex, forklift trucks are dependant upon the constant reliably power source provided by the industrial lead acid battery. While the lead acid battery is a proven product, it has one significant draw back, it only lasts 8 hours. Typically after 8 hours of use, a battery must be charged for 8 hours and cooled for 8 hours.

Operations running 2 or 3 shifts must change their forklift batteries to keep their forklift trucks running. Multiple shift operations can gain a significant amount of productivity by changing their lift truck batteries as quickly as possible, and storing their batteries in the least amount of space.

Changing forklift batteries manually is a tough and time consuming job, it often requires 2 people and takes from 10 to 20 minutes to perform a complete battery change and that is assuming everything goes smoothly.

Using traditional lifting chains/jib, or awkwardly having to push and pull batteries in and out of lift trucks is a clumsy and potentially dangerous task. Accidents can happen quickly and they are unforgiving, even if no one is injured, the time taken to get the battery back onto service stands or into the forklift is substantial. Productivity suffers as several people and another forklift are needed to get the battery back into position, while proper containment and treatment of any acid spilt must be adhered to.

Since 1974, Multishifter Inc. located in Charlotte North Carolina, has designed and manufactured thousands of systems to help multiple shift operations manage their battery handling needs world wide. In Australia for over 12 years, Multishifter systems have been successfully and safely changing thousands of batteries in several demanding applications including grocery and cold storage distribution. With an ever increasing client base in the Oceana region, Australasia Handling was established in co-operation with Multishifter Inc. to support and develop the market locally.

With a focus on battery handling solutions, Australasia Handling offers a range of products and services, ranging from simple battery service stands to customised AutoCAD layouts to maximize space efficiency. Complete Turn Key battery change room service including floor coating, ventilation, acid spill kits, automated battery wash cabinets waste water filtration, and battery queuing systems.

By eliminating manual handling, shift battery changes are made safe and simple. Able to work with all types of lift trucks including pallet trucks, reach, counter balance, order pickers and turret trucks, the unique design and magnetic grab makes Multishifter, a fast and safe way to change shift batteries in as little as 2 minutes.

Key points:

Eliminate the OH&S exposure associated with manually handling batteries.
Dramatically improve the time taken to change batteries.
Increase machine productivity and achieve real labour savings.
Maximise space efficiency by storing shift batteries in customised stands.
All this means a fast return on investment (usually less than 24 months).

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