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Multishifter Australia offers battery handling solutions

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Multishifter  Incorporation develops and manufactures industrial battery handling vehicles and battery storage systems. Multishifter products are used by major firms such as Ford Motor company, Baxter Healthcare. Nissan Motor manufactures, Coca-cola company, Amway, Goodyear, Apple Computer, Nike Incorporation, General Motors Corporation, Michelin Tire, Fruit of the Loom, Frito Lay Incorporation, Coors Brewing, General Electric, Caterpillar, and many others.

Multishifter provides faster battery changes, reduced OH & S exposure, optimizes space, and gives maximum battery life. Multi-Shifter has installed the maximum powered battery handling equipment than any other producers.

Multishifter products include Gantry and Hoists, battery lifting beams, battery stands, charger stands, personal protective equipment, acid spill kits, acid resistant floor coating, mobile battery changers, single level systems, multilevel systems, water purifiers, venetian systems, battery watering systems, battery queuing systems, battery wash stations, waste water filtration, and battery level indicators.

Multishifter have also provided an online battery room on their website. Through this battery room, one can build and design their own battery room from start to finish. Reference material such as specification sheets and check lists are provided to guide the client. In addition, government regulation and standard links are also provided by the company.

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