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Automatic and digital blood pressure measuring device from Multipoint Technologies

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article image MEDEL CHECK digital blood pressure measuring device

When purchasing Medical Devices, accuracy and reliability should be important considerations.

MEDEL CHECK is a fully automatic, digital blood pressure measuring device with integrated Average mode, CHECK3 technology for use on the upper arm. MEDEL CHECK enables fast and reliable measurement of the systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as the pulse by use of the oscillometric method.

Average mode CHECK3 technology is a new type of concept for optimum reliability in self measurement of blood pressure.

This device is validated by a protocal (Protocol for the evaluation of blood pressure measuring) created by the British Hypertension Society. MEDEL CHECK has obtained thanks to its accuracy a high evaluation level:

Systolic pressure : A Degree

Diastolic pressure : A Degree


  • European Quality, Italian design and engineered
  • BHS, a high level of clinical validation
  • Easy to use and read, one button design
  • Self diagonistic read error reporting
  • Switch on precision, only Medel CHECK3 takes 3 consecutive readings with one click

Regular home monitoring of the blood pressure helps the patient and the doctor. This fully automatic blood pressure monitor with its wide range of features will take the blood pressure accurately and easily.

Monitoring the blood pressure on a regular basis and tracking over a period of time can give a more accurate assessment of blood pressure. This information can assist the physician in evaluating the health and monitoring the effects of the treatment. The blood pressure is constantly changing from day to day and even minute to minute. Changes are entirely normal and one or two random readings will not give an accurate indication of the true blood pressure. Regular daily readings need to be taken and kept track of over a period of time.

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