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Multi-protocol RFID printer platforms

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article image The R110Xi RFID printer.

DEVELOPED for case and pallet-level identification, the Zebra R110Xi and R170Xi, available from Sunshine Technologies , are robust printer platforms designed to withstand rugged conditions and deliver high volume printing and allow customers to track the number of good and unusable labels.

Built on the XiIIIPlus platform, Zebra's R110Xi and R170Xi printer/encoders offer a high level of on-demand printing flexibility in tag placement and label size - both 4-inch and 6-inch smart labels.

They embed ThingMagic's Mercury4e, which supports multiple protocols, including UHF EPC-compliant Class 1 Gen2; Class 1 Gen 1 and Class 0; Matrics' O+ read/write, ISO18000-06C, ISO 18000-06B and Philip UCode 1.19.

Utilising software-defined radio technology, the models can be easily firmware-upgraded to support emerging protocols with no compromise in performance.

Both printer/encoders are designed with flexible inlay placement to allow users to keep label formats intact while ensuring higher read rates.

In addition they have XML enabled printing for seamless integration into enterprise systems and direct connect integration for barcode label printing that eliminates license fees and print server hardware and lowers customisation and programming costs.

The R110Xi RFID printer is designed for 4-inch smart labels and for high-performance and mission-critical ruggedness in demanding environments. Maximum print width is 103mm for both 203dpi and 300dpi.

The R170Xi RFID printer is designed for 6-inch smart labels and delivers 'round-the-clock' reliability with heavy-gauge steel durability. Maximum print width is 168mm for both 203dpi and 300dpi.

Unique features of the printer/encoders include:

* RFID processes optimised for fastest label throughput. This feature has eliminated backfeed for RFID batches and faster VOID printing means better overall smart label printing performance.

* Flash upgradeable to assure maximum flexibility for upgradeability to future protocols like EPCglobal's Gen2, and others as they evolve.

* New RFID ZPL commands which allow ease of RFID set up with maximum flexibility. ZPL is the universal language for Zebra Printers and simplifies label formatting and enables format compatibility with other Zebra printers.

* Program position allows users to place transponders virtually anywhere within a smart label.

* RFID calibration feature which automatically selects the program position for optimal transponder placement

* RFID counters that keep track of the good and unusable labels.

* Variable RFID power settings for both read and write to allow maximum flexibility for printing small labels

* Automatic inlay position calibration which saves users the time and frustration of manually calculating the inlay program position on new labels.

* Multiple RFID power settings so that users can adjust the RF power in response to various RFID protocols transponder designs and sizes. This feature gives users unprecedented flexibility to accommodate tighter-pitch transponders.

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