Multi-Seals, Inc. manufactures Uni-form epoxy preforms, Poly-form flexible adhesive films, and Wash-Away dissolvable spacers. Uni-forms and Poly-forms are pre-shaped polymers available in a wide range of configurations and systems to accommodate diverse sealing and potting applications


Supplier news
19/03/07 - Multi-Seals, provides a solid alternative to liquid epoxy for high-volume, precision sealing.
Supplier news
26/09/06 - MULTI-Seals Inc offers a solid alternative to liquid epoxy for high-volume, precision sealing. Uni-form epoxy preforms are pre-shaped, one-part resins that are solid at room temperature. When heated, Uni-forms melt and cure, forming a consistent seal
Supplier news
19/06/06 - UNI-form epoxy preforms, manufactured by Multi-Seals, are now available in M5-82, a linear epoxy systems that remains flexible under temperature changes. The post-cure flexibility of Epoxy M5-82 improves adhesion to component materials with dissimila
Supplier news
07/02/06 - MULTI-SEALS is offering a free engineering sample kit of Uni-form epoxy preforms. The kit includes a variety of epoxy preform configurations, along with an information pack. Free evaluation samples in specified dimensions and epoxy systems are also a

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