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Multi-product filling solutions for the food industry from Multi-Fill

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Multi-Fill  has advanced equipment to meet multi- product filling requirements for food industry. Multi-Fill makes use of multi-purpose filler (MPF) fillers in place of either hand fill or semi-automatic equipment that makes the filling process costly. These multi-purpose filler are used on various frozen dinner lines in the United Sates and with various other production lines all over the world.

A traditional filling method will not provide gentle handling for these difficult to fill products without damage. To over come such difficulties Multi-Fill make use of multi-purpose fillers. With the outburst of refrigerated and frozen prepared meals in a multitude of microwaveable like compartment trays, cups, dishes, boil-in-bags etc in the marketplace.

The multi-purpose filler from Multi-Fill dispenses a wide variety of difficult-to-handle products including pasta, cooked rice, IQF rice, sliced or diced vegetables, fruits and even some refrigerated and ready-to-eat salads. This multi-purpose filler is ideal for ready meal containers including trays, plates, cups, jars, pouches and cans. Multi-Fill provides quality fillers and effective service that is backed with experienced technicians and professional engineers. Multi-Fill provides the needs of customers with continuous innovations.

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