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Holtek’s two new TinyPower MCUs

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article image Supplied in a 52 pin QFP package.

HOLTEK Semiconductor, distributed in Australia by Multi Components Pty Ltd , has announced two new TinyPower technology 8-bit MCU devices, the HT48R52 and HT48R53.

Working at 3V, they have an operating current of less than 300μA; while in ‘Power Down’ Mode, even with the real time clock continually running, the devices only require a current of less than 0.8μA.

Both the HT48R52 and HT48R53 devices contain an 8-bit Holtek MCU kernel and have the ability, through software, to control the operating frequency by switching from a fast operating mode of up to 8MHz, to a slow operating mode of only 32768Hz for applications with very low power demands.

They each contain 36 input/output lines, to directly interface to external switches or as outputs can directly drive LEDs and have six power and ground lines enabling the power loading to be shared, to eliminate heat dissipation problems.

They also feature a highly accurate internal real time clock, internal programmable frequency divider function which, along with timer and interrupt functions, maximises functionality and minimises parts on the board.

The two differ in their program memory capacity, with the HT48R53 having 4K of memory, while the HT48R52 has 2K of memory.

Both devices are supplied in 52 pin QFP packages and are pin compatible.

Supporting development tools for these two devices and engineering sample devices are now available.

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