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High V chip resistors for medical devices

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RESISTOR manufacturer SEI Electronics Inc., represented in Australian by Multi Components Pty Ltd, has expanded its resistive product offering to include a new surface mount, high voltage chip resistor capable of handling up to 10,000V. Part of the HVC series, these thick film surface mount resistors exhibit high power and voltage handling capabilities, making them ideal for use in medical applications.

Medical applications that require this technology include overvoltage protection for defibrillators, medical imaging systems, neurostimulators, ECG, analgesia syringe pumps, blood transfusion equipment and bladder control devices. The HVC series resistors can also be used in high voltage power supplies for applications such as PET scanners, GAMMA cameras, radiation therapy systems and X-ray equipment.

As medical designers move toward surface mount resistive devices, the designers of the HVC series hope the resistors will replace axial leaded resistors in high voltage applications.

SEI is able to attain exponentially higher voltages through its precision fine film deposition process, which allows for writing of thicker and higher quality resistive traces on a ceramic substrate. According to SEI, other high voltage resistor manufacturers use crude screen printing processes, which tend to leach and thereby limit the amount of resistive material that can be printed on the substrate.

With the new extended range, the HVC series resistors are now offered with limiting element voltages of 2500V, 5000V and 10,000V in 1206, 2010 and 2512 industry standard chip sizes. Power ratings for the three chip sizes range from 0.3W to 1W at 70°C. Resistance values range from .1W to 2TW, with tolerances down to 1%. Operating temperatures range from 55°C to +150°C.

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