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Ferrite bead chip inductors

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article image Offered in 0402 to 1812 case sizes.

STACKPOLE Electronics Inc., represented in Australia by Multi Components Pty Ltd , has introduced a broad offering of multi layer ferrite bead chip inductors for general use, high current and high-speed signal applications.

Designated the CB Series, these inductors have impedance ranges from 6 to 2700Ω (at tolerances of ±20% and ±25%), with rated currents of 50mA to 6A and dc resistances of 0.02 to 1.2Ω.

The CB Series of inductors is offered in 0402 to 1812 case sizes and are supplied on 1K to 10K piece reels for high volume pick and place manufacturing environments.

The nickel barrier terminations provide excellent solder heat resistance even when using high temperature, lead free solder processes.

The CB Series of chip ferrite beads function as a resistor or attenuator at high frequencies. Lower frequencies that are desired are allowed to pass when higher frequencies are blocked and the energy released as heat.

These devices are frequently used for EMI and RF suppression, power supply filtering and isolation for logic devices.

Typically, the beads are effective in applications across a wide frequency range from 1MHz to several hundred MHz.

Typical applications include graphics cards, field programmable logic, voltage regulation modules, point of load converters, and dc to dc converters in laptop, notebook and tablet PCs.

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