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Two success stories from petrochemical and mining on Moxa's website

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MOXA  is pleased to announce the release of two new success stories from the manufacturing automation market. The stories focus on the petrochemical and mining industries, and are real case applications that use Moxa’s solutions for naphtha cracking and coal mining applications.

Optimised Manufacturing with Networked DCS system at naphtha cracking plant

The first story involves FPCC (Formosa Petrochemical Corporation), a large petrochemical group in Taiwan, which uses Moxa’s network devices to create an Ethernet network as the main communications medium for the plant’s DCS (distributed control system). The major control problem associated with naphtha crackers is to regulate the conditions in the cracking process to control the ethylene output. In order to optimise the manufacturing output from the Naphtha Cracker, one of the many challenges faced by the designers of FPCC’s Naphtha Cracker was creating an extra-reliable Ethernet network for transmitting important control and device management signals. In this story, you will see how the ruggedised Ethernet solutions from Moxa satisfied the users’ requirements for this industrial application.

Using Ethernet to Build Hazard-free monitoring networks for mining sites

The second story comes from one of China’s main national 95 construction projects. The Zhangji coal mine in Anhui Province is using Ethernet technology to form a reliable network backbone for its monitoring and control systems. All of the production and environmental monitoring information at the mine must be collected synchronously through a reliable network, with coal mine site reporting the production and environmental status. The project has achieved several new records on applying new technologies, high manufacturing efficiency within small territory, and economic investment with high-end, efficient facilities, making the Zhangji Coal Mine a benchmark for the mining industry.

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