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The importance of reliable serial to Ethernet communications in business

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Moxa has been providing serial device servers for over 20 years to connect legacy serial field devices to an Ethernet LAN/WAN. As a trusted serial partner, Moxa understands the need for high reliability and strives to provide advanced solutions to quickly and easily connect serial devices to Ethernet networks, and integrate enterprise data for automation.

Although serial device servers allow users to retain their legacy RS-232/422/485 devices and interface directly with future-proof Ethernet networks, ensuring high reliability and data integrity requires more than simple hardware. 

3 keys for great serial-to-Ethernet reliability

Host reliability - minimise downtime with multi-host support

Do you need multiple hosts for backup? 

A backup host keeps your network online if your primary host crashes. However, most backup hosts cannot automatically synchronise and manage a network.

Do you need multiple hosts for distributed control?

If your network has two (or more) hosts for redundancy or management of remote sites, you might end up sending two (or more) commands at the same time. However, serial field devices cannot handle more than one command at a time.

Network reliability - increase reliability with redundant networks

Do you need network redundancy in a single LAN architecture?

Networks that operate in harsh environments sometimes need communication redundancy to ensure fast recovery time for non-stop operation.

Do you need network redundancy for dual LANs?

Alternatively, you can set up dual LANs for network redundancy. However, most of the solutions that rely on firmware to detect network status increase the response time, and also require additional programming effort and time.

Device reliability - eliminate data loss with local device intelligence

Do you need backup serial devices?

Sometimes, to ensure stable operation of the device layer, backup serial devices also need to be deployed. However, for these newly added devices, engineers need to modify the settings of existing software to transmit data simultaneously to both the primary serial devices and the redundant devices, affecting system reliability.

Do you need a way to avoid data overflow?

Besides backup devices, you'll also need to ensure accurate and precise data, and prevent data overflow.

Application in factory automation

Reliability is the main consideration in factory automation with any network disconnection potentially causing productivity cost to increase. Network redundancy is a necessity. Additionally, many enterprises locate their factories in other regions to decrease cost; these companies not only require local control onsite for prompt action, but also need to transmit data to the remote site. 

Moxa's NPort serial device servers can help customers accomplish high reliability by avoiding any confusion between local sites and remote sites.

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