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Moxa unveils tough, compact 802.11n WLAN solution for industrial automation

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article image Moxa’s new AWK-1131A series wireless AP/client

Moxa introduces the AWK-1131A, a new 802.11n wireless AP/client featuring a smaller housing with advanced protection technology.

Designed to make continuous wireless connections in industrial applications, the new AWK-1131A incorporates galvanic isolation technology to protect devices from electrical disturbances commonly found in industrial environments. It also supports 802.11n MIMO technology to reduce multipath effects and increase data rates up to 300 Mbps for bandwidth-hungry applications, featuring millisecond-level roaming to minimise packet loss for seamless connections with mobile applications.

With the release of the AWK-1131A, Moxa now offers a comprehensive portfolio with both single-radio and dual-radio IEEE 802.11n industrial wireless solutions for bandwidth-hungry systems found in industrial applications.

Moxa product manager Zed Shen explains that there are many benefits to adopting wireless devices for industrial applications; in addition to reduced deployment costs compared to wired devices, wireless devices also increase mobility for hard-to-wire applications and enhance scalability when expanding the network backbone.

However, operators must consider wireless reliability and availability when choosing wireless devices for mission-critical applications. According to Shen, industrial wireless devices require a rugged design that includes advanced EMS protection against electrical disturbances common in harsh industrial environments, and seamless WLAN roaming to increase network availability for rolling stock industrial applications. All these requirements can be met by the new AWK-1131A series while also delivering better wireless communication.

Key features of Moxa’s new AWK-1131A series wireless AP/client include 802.11n technology for use in video surveillance applications that require up to a 300 Mbps data rate and Gigabit wired transmissions; advanced EMS protection against electromagnetic interference; galvanic isolation technology on all interfaces for device reliability and longevity; 802.11n MIMO technology for reduced multipath effects and increased data rates up to 300 Mbps; Moxa client-based Turbo Roaming with millisecond level roaming capability; and compact palm-size, cost-effective solution for easy installation in space-restricted locations.

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