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Moxa unveils the ideal PoE+ Ethernet solution with optimised power and bandwidth

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article image Moxa EDS-G512E-8PoE

Moxa Inc. announces the release of the new EDS-G512E-8PoE to complete the line of high performance and extremely reliable industrial Ethernet switches, the EDS E series. The latest PoE+ Ethernet switch is the ideal communication solution for high bandwidth Ethernet powered devices (PD) in industrial applications.

Featuring a high power output (up to 36 watts) designed for industrial, heavy-duty PoE devices, Gigabit Ethernet capabilities for large bandwidth network transmissions, and easy management tools (SmartPoE) for monitoring PDs, the new EDS-G512E-8PoE series has an industrial-grade reliability built in to withstand harsh environments.

According to Gary Chang, product manager at Moxa’s Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure Division, the increasing adoption of high bandwidth power devices in industrial applications such as PTZ/outdoor HD cameras and wireless APs with IEEE 802.11n and IEEE 802.11ac capabilities requires a switch with IEEE 802.3at abilities while featuring Gigabit Ethernet solutions for a smooth network communication.

He explains that the new EDS-G512E-8PoE series features 8 Gigabit PoE+ ports allowing for large bandwidth transmissions and up to 30 watts of power in its standard mode. For heavy-duty PDs requiring a higher voltage, the EDS-G512E-8PoE series also allows up to 36 watts of power output, ensuring sufficient power supply for mission-critical, power-sensitive applications.

The EDS-G512E-8PoE is designed with a series of smart management tools that simplify the process of remotely controlling and monitoring the power devices. The tools include a power management function to optimise the system accordingly and reduce its burden, as well as a diagnostic function to detect PD conditions with failure detection and LED indicators. Features such as 3 kV LAN surge protection, -40°C to 75°C wide temperature tolerance, Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain technology, and Moxa’s industrial network management software are also included to guarantee network reliability and uptime.

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