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Moxa introduces MXconfig tool for industrial network mass configuration and deployment

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Moxa Inc.  announces the release of a new high productivity tool, MXconfig for configuring and deploying industrial network devices.

A new software utility, MXconfig can be used with a wide range of Moxa industrial Ethernet switches, and supports industrial applications through features such as fast group configuration and deployment, link sequence detection, configuration overview and documentation, and user privilege settings.

Setup and maintenance costs are reduced thanks to the user-friendly tool that simplifies configuring of large numbers of devices by users.

Fast group configuration and deployment for simple setup and maintenance

Yiwei Chen, product manager of Moxa Inc. picks out MXconfig’s ability to simultaneously configure large numbers of devices as its most attractive feature. By being able to deploy the same configuration settings, including IP addresses, redundancy protocols and VLAN settings across multiple Moxa switches, MXconfig not only saves setup time, but also eliminates the inevitable configuration errors resulting from manual configuration.

Configuration duplication is also available for users to easily copy the configuration from one device to a large number of other devices. The combination of easy configuration modification and regular firmware uploads helps enhance maintenance efficiency.

Link sequence detection for complete configuration

MXconfig supports link sequence detection to ensure network availability while configuring VLAN or redundancy settings, enabling users to prioritise devices according to physical distance, and ensuring that each device will be configured completely and in the proper order.

Configuration overview and documentation for easy management

MXconfig’s mass configuration overview allows users to see functional information for a large number of devices at a glance, reports of which can also be generated and exported for easy management. Configuration files can be batch exported or one-to-all imported for future backup or quick re-installation.

User privilege settings enhance security and management flexibility

MXconfig provides three levels of privilege security (Admin, Supervisor, and Operator), giving users the ability to set and manage critical functions that can have a big impact on network performance such as general network settings, VLAN settings, redundancy protocols and factory defaults.

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