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Moxa Technologies unveils new industrial video networking website

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Moxa Technologies recently unveils its new dedicated industrial video networking website, which presents a full view of industrial video networking solutions.

Designed with customer service in mind, Moxa’s new website offers comprehensive and robust product pages along with the information you need. Both documentation and handy software tools can be downloaded for application development.

Moreover, the new website provides an interactive environment for communication between customers and Moxa's technical support team to let you easily get expert support.

Portal quick tour:

To let you further know how to access this new website and e-resources, Moxa offers an introduction:

About industrial video networking:

The industrial video networking solutions include industrial video servers and IP surveillance software that can be deployed to migrate your CCTV surveillance systems to an IP-based platform.

Solutions applications:

The reference solutions and case studies introduced in this portal address application background and system diagrams by using Moxa’s video networking products.

Software Development Kit (SDK):

Many video surveillance systems require customised video management functions, or must be integrated with other applications, such as SCADA, access control, and fire alarm systems.

Moxa provides free SDK to help system integrators and third-party software developers with several user-friendly tools, including CGI commands, ActiveX, and a C library.

Technology tutorials:

Some free publications of white paper regarding essential, technical knowledge are available for industrial video networking solutions.

Product comparison:

Moxa provides a comprehensive product comparison chart, where product information is conveniently displayed. You can easily compare groups of products at a glance to speed up your purchasing decisions.


Frequent and important technical Q/A for video server products, users can find common answers first before making inquiries.

Moxa video networking product showcase:

Moxa provides robust video over IP video servers for harsh environments. The product showcase can help you easily find out Moxa’s video networking products that meet your application needs.

Quick downloads:

Users can download new versions of the following materials, including Software and documentation, Visio figures, and marketing materials.

VSP program:

The VSP (Video Software Partner) Program is open to Video Software Partners who have the capability to create and integrate video management software by using Moxa's VPort SDK.

The program offers a portfolio of planning, technical and marketing resources designed to facilitate partner’s ability to grow business.

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