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Moxa Technologies releases new Turbo Ring fault recovery switch

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Moxa  Networking, one of leading providers of industrial Ethernet solutions has released new Turbo Ring, which sets a new world record for the fast fault recovery within 20 millisecond in ring topologies with 250 switches.

Today, constant uptime achieved through effective redundancy has become a key concern for industrial network applications. Loss of any industrial network may cause disastrous results.

All Moxa Turbo Ring switches offer fast fault recovery, flexible ring topology and uninterrupted communication, which provide you high network availability for cost-effective redundant connections wherever required in industrial applications.

Moxa Turbo Ring, a self-healing Ethernet technology, helps end users minimise downtime caused by any network failure, further ensuring that your network connection runs non-stop. If any link in the ring fails, the system will return to normal communication in less than 20 milliseconds at a full load of 250 switches.

Various topologies can be configured using Moxa Turbo Ring to reduce cabling and network planning costs. Options include ring coupling without a coupling control line, dual rings in one switch, and dual-homing.

“Most industries measure downtime in terms of the cost per minute of lost production for industrial network system. In this regard, network reliability is a critical issue for building an industrial network infrastructure. Redundant ring is the way to ensure non-stop network operation.”

“In an industrial application, a ring may require support more than 30 switches. Moxa Turbo Ring offers the fastest recovery speed within 20 ms even at full load of 250 switches.” said Steve Won, Executive Vice president, Moxa Networking.

To sum up, deploying fast redundant recovery is pleasant, but choosing both fast and reliable solution is the top priority for mission critical industrial networks.

Moxa offers a full line of redundant managed switches that support Turbo Ring to help you build the fast and the reliable network connectivity in your tough application.

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