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Moxa RNAS-1200 industrial-grade rugged NAS systems

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Moxa Inc.  announces the release of the new RNAS-1200 Series rugged, industrial-grade network attached storage (NAS) systems.

Moxa’s RNAS-1200 Series industrial-grade rugged NAS systems are designed for harsh industrial environments that demand a compact industrial storage device with high performance, high reliability, and high capacity.

Many video surveillance and media storage applications must operate in harsh environments unsuitable for commercial NAS hardware. Data storage in vehicular, outdoor and heavy industrial installations requires rugged designs to ensure data integrity is not affected by high temperatures or rough vibrations and shocks.

Moxa’s RNAS-1200 Series industrial-grade rugged NAS systems meet the challenges involved in secure storage of remote or mobile data in harsh conditions.

Key benefits of Moxa’s RNAS-1200 Series rugged industrial NAS systems: 

  • EN 50155 TX compliance with a fanless design and innovative Intelligent Heating Solution (IHS) for frigid environments
  • Data XPro memory technology protects against data corruption from strong vibration and drive failures from excessive heat
  • Dual PoE+ Gigabit LAN ports for power and data redundancy on a draw of less than 25W
  • 15 second RAID 1 synchronisations on RNAS crashes
  • SNMP for convenient network management
  • Friendly web-based UI for configuring disk arrays
RNAS-1200 specifications:

  • Marvell 1.0 GHz CPU
  • Built-in 512 MB DDRII memory
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports for network redundancy
  • Two 100 GB disks (RNAS-1211-T model only)
  • RAID 1, RAID 0, JBOD, and BIG disk architectures
  • Intelligent Heating Solution technology for reliable operation
  • Data XPro protects data against high vibration and temperature
  • Extremely fast 15 second RAID 1 synchronisations

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