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How to optimise PLC network deployment

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World-leading provider of industrial Ethernet solutions, Moxa Inc. has announced a selection of automation-certified profiles for its family of industrial Ethernet switches and industrial Ethernet gateways that can be easily integrated into PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus TCP networks. 

Moxa product manager Gary Chang refers to recent IMS Research reports that reveal EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus TCP account for roughly 65 percent of all industrial Ethernet deployments worldwide. Moxa’s latest selection of industrial Ethernet switches and gateways is designed to provide ideal solutions for this current industry trend, optimising the convergence of industrial automation systems with many additional benefits.

Moxa’s industrial Ethernet solutions combine high network performance, simplified configuration and manageability, and maximum deployment flexibility to optimise performance, efficiency and flexibility of PLC networks, making them ideal for any large-scale SCADA monitoring systems with PLC system extension or network upgrading needs.

Easily providing reliable connections between SCADA and network controllers, Moxa’s industrial Ethernet switches and gateways are enabled with industrial protocol stacks such as Modbus TCP, PROFINET I/O, and Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) for device monitoring on SCADA systems. 

Key benefits of Moxa’s plug-n-play PROFINET/ EtherNet/IP/ Modbus TCP switches include fast booting in less than 10 seconds, network redundancy recovery in under 20 milliseconds, full status parameters for SCADA/PLC communications, and over 200 industrial-grade models for application flexibility to ensure optimised network performance, efficiency and reliability.

Moxa’s industrial fieldbus-to-Ethernet gateways, including PROFINET gateways, EtherNet/IP gateways, and Modbus gateways are easy to use and maintain with auto-detection technologies and user-friendly MGate Manager Utility. The robust housing and wide-temperature operation enable MGate gateways to provide maximum reliability for field-layer applications of PLC/SCADA systems.

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