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Active Ethernet I/O servers introduced by MOXA Technologies

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MOXA Technologies has introduced Active Ethernet I/O servers. The Active Ethernet I/O server enhances the flexibility of PC-based data acquisition and control systems with proactive condition-based reporting and control of I/O device status.

I/O servers are traditionally passive and must be polled for data, the Active Ethernet I/O server reports and controls I/O status, based on user-specified conditions. This report-by-exception approach, new to PC-based I/O monitoring, requires far less bandwidth than traditional polling methods. Critical sensor data can be obtained immediately instead being subject to polling intervals.

The Active Ethernet I/O server is designed for flexible and easy implementation. Active Ethernet I/O server supports multiple protocols for data transmission including TCP/UDP, SNMP trap, SMTP (e-mail), and Modbus/TCP.

Condition-based reporting and control can be configured in minutes using the patent-pending, intuitive Click&Go logic interface, which requires no programming knowledge. VB, VC++, and BCB programming libraries are provided for easy integration with user-developed applications.

I/O signals can be easily and cost-effectively extended over Ethernet using peer-to-peer I/O communication. This provides duplication of digital or analogue signals between Active Ethernet I/O servers at different locations without a PC or master PLC.

Moxa offers two models of I/O servers that support Active Ethernet I/O operation. The ioLogik E2210 provides digital input and output channels and the ioLogike E2240 provides analogue input and output channels.

Both models offer Active Ethernet I/O operation that can run independently of a PC, full compatibility with traditional remote I/O operation and built-in support for Modbus/TCP, SNMP, TCP/IP, and HTTP protocols.

Key features of Active Ethernet I/O server include:

  • Proactive data transmission by TCP, UDP, SNMP trap, or e-mail
  • Patented, intuitive Click&Go logic for easy setup
  • VB, VC, BCB, and .Net APIs for Windows, WinCE, and Linux and
  • Peer-to-peer I/O communication with no controller required

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