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Motorola microcontroller with RF and USB

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Motorola has unveiled its newest Flash microcontroller with integrated USB and RF/wireless capabilities for PC peripheral devices.

The 8bit 68HC908JB16 is designed specifically for products such as keyboards, mice, RF wireless receivers, USB converters and USB keys, according to Motorola 8/16bit products general manager Paul Grimme.

“Market adoption of wireless PC peripherals is expected to increase when the prices start to come down,” Grimme said.

“By integrating onto a single chip what would have been handled by multiple chips in the past, Motorola is offering system designers of both wired and wireless PC peripherals an effective way to reduce the number of system components.”

“This integration results in reduced system costs,” Grimme said.

Wireless PC peripheral adoption has been slow due to price points, compatibility issues with serial communication interfaces, and RF interference problems that occur between various wireless devices used in the same vicinity.

Grimme said the new microcontroller is the first by the company to offer dual phase locked loop (PLL) clock generators for 27Mhz RF transmissions used in wireless PC peripherals.

The dual-PLL design also allows two channels to receive signals simultaneously, such as from a keyboard and a mouse, and offers optimal channel-to-channel RF interference rejection, Grimme said.

Further, the PLLs eliminate the need for external RF front-end crystals in multi-channel applications, and each is full programmable so it can accept different frequency channel selections in the receiver.

Any one of the available five channels can be defined as a keyboard or mouse input channel in order to eliminate the interference generated from other wireless keyboard and mouse users, Grimme added.

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