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Gear motors from Motordrives Australia for the poultry industry

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Motordrives Australia Pty Ltd  presents the PoultryTecno gear motors range specifically designed for feeding systems in poultry farms.

Different gearmotors are used to move various systems and equipment. PoultryTecno gear motors have been developed by collaborating with some of the leaders in the poultry sector.

These gearmotors have been designed by combining AC electric motors and single stage helical gearboxes with aluminium housing. This low-cost solution is available in a wide selection of input/output flanges and shafts to meet customisation requirements. 

Beginning with PX-PU gearboxes, which are used in feeding systems within the poultry sector, the product line has been expanded to cover several poultry farming applications, providing solutions for the entire sector.

PoultryTecno gear motor applications:

  • Both worm gearboxes and helical gearboxes can be used to transport feed using screw or chain feeder systems
  • Lifts feeding troughs for hygiene and maintenance purposes
  • Combination worm gearbox can be used with a pre-stage unit to open and close windows automatically

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