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Rollon telescopic linear bearings

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ROLLON telescopic rails, available from Motion Technologies , are constructed from cold-drawn carbon steel with most types featuring hardened raceways. The construction ensures rigidity and minimal deflections even when carrying rated loads at full extension.

Deflection in lighter slides causes the load to fall to one end and also results in variation in the force required to move the load.

Rollon telescopic rails construction provides consistent movement even when vibrations, impacts, or shock loads are present. Rollon Telescopics carrying higher loads than a conventional draw slide with a longer service life in extreme applications.

Applications include door movements; telescopic press arms; product extraction; retrieval systems; any application where extraction, expansion, movement or extension is required.

Features include:

* Smooth, accurate movement for precision motion and high quality machine feel.

* Corrosion protection options with nickel coated rails and chrome plated or S/S ball bearings for chemical, wet areas, or caustic wash down environments.

* Strokes of up to 2m and loads of 900kg for high load or long stroke applications.

* Low friction for reduced drive motor requirements or user effort. You can save money on drive components or provide a higher quality feel to your machines.

* Long working life for reduced maintenance, saving downtime and production.

* Precision construction allow speeds of up to 0.8m/s for increased machine cycle times.

* Temperature lubrication.

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