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Optical linear encoders for machine tools

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article image LIA20 – robust and reliable.

THE Numerik Jena range of optical linear encoders is well suited to machine tool and laser profiling applications.

Scale contamination and incorrect mounting have been issues even experienced users have come up against in the past, but recent developments have addressed these concerns.

The latest LIA20 range, available from Motion Technologies , features amplitude and offset deviation compensation to reduce the reader heads sensitivity to contamination and mounting errors.

Additionally, the tolerance on the 5V supply voltage of ±10% makes the system less susceptible to machine voltage surges leading to less likelihood of the feedback being disrupted.

The result is a more robust and reliable signal offering greater protection for other critical or valuable assemblies on the machine.

Linear encoders are used for position measurement of moving elements or assemblies in machine tools and inspection machines.

They consist of a linear scale and a scanning head that moves relative to the scale.

Typical applications include:

* Precision machining centres

* Coordinate tables

* Measuring machines and measuring microscopes.

Motion Technologies can provide practical assistance during the setup of these devices.

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