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article image Plug and play solution.

DANAHER Motion has set new standards in the flexibility and functionality of its drive solutions through the integration of SynqNet and Ethercat interfaces on the Servostar S300 and S600 series of servo amplifiers.

The interfaces are available in the form of a plug and play solution using expansion slots which are designed for and automatically detected by the optional slots in the Servostar S300 and S600 products.

SynqNet has been specifically designed for motion control applications where frequent, cyclic messages are called for.

Servostar amplifiers with SynqNet interfaces provide a robust all-digital bus for communications between controller and drive.

Danaher Motion has an entire suite of motors including the AKM series of conventional servo motors as well as Direct Drive Rotary and Direct Drive Linear products.

This motor range, available through Motion Technologies , has been combined with Servostar amplifiers and Danaher Motions' range of MEI motion controllers with SynqNet comms to provide high speed multi-axis solutions.

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