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article image Available with a choice of three power output stages, offering current ratings of 1.25A, 2.5A and 5A continuous rms.

PARKER Compumotor, represented by Motion Solutions Australia , has released SLVD servo drives, small, high-performance drives that handle many motion control functions. The small, low-voltage, digital (SLVD) drives measure 141.224mm x 84.75mm x 139.446mm and include models that can deliver shaft powers of up to 620W.

Designed for direct-online operation from a standard 240V ac main supply, SLVD servo drives are available with a choice of three power output stages, offering current ratings of 1.25A, 2.5A and 5A continuous rms (2.5A, 5A and 10A peak rms). High-frequency switching techniques are employed to maximise performance and efficiency and thereby reduce internal heat dissipation. The drives can be used with any standard three-phase brushless servo motor that uses sinusoidal commutation and resolver feedback, but are designed for optimum performance with Compumotor's BE, J and NeoMetric motors.

SLVD servo drives can be used for position, speed or torque control and are capable of handling simple position control functions such as following, electronic cam profiling and electronic gearbox.

The drives are parameter-driven units designed to be controlled directly from a PC, but they also incorporate a PLC-based controller that can store up to 128 program steps, enabling simple motion control sequences to be commanded by external events or signals from a host controller such as a PLC. An optional plug-on front panel keypad and display module allows all basic drive parameters, such as motor idle and run speeds, to be set up without the use of a PC.

Communications facilities include RS422/RS485 as standard, with CANbus also available. The drive also offers industry-standard step-direction and ±10V analog control inputs, for users who wish to migrate existing machines to modern servo technology without changing host controllers. In addition to resolver and encoder inputs, the drive has two digital and two analog user-definable inputs, two digital user-definable outputs, and an encoder emulation output. All digital I/O uses PLC-compatible 24V signal levels for ease of system integration.

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