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Small LV and HV stepper motors

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article image The LV stepper motor family.

PARKER Electromechanical Automation, represented by Motion Solutions Australia , has announce the release of the LV and HV series of high performance stepper motors.

The LV series includes 11, 14, 17, 23 and 34 frame size motors, while the HV series includes 17, 23 and 34 frame size motors.

The smaller size 11 and 14 steppers are ideal for the high-tech, medical and life science markets. A compact, cost-effective solution will pair the small LV motors with a drive/controller such as the ViX-IM for single-axis applications, and with E-Drives and a separate ACR1505 controller for multi-axis applications.

"We've been getting a great deal of feedback from customers with small-motor requirements," says Marc Feyh, marketing product coordinator.

"This series will help Parker build its component offerings to the high-tech, medical and life science industries, allowing us to address a wider range of stepper applications and customer needs that we couldn't meet before."

The LV Series is part of a family of motors that includes the larger-sized, high-voltage HV Series. These motors operate in a variety of applications, from small units used in blood analyser equipment to those needed to run large industrial conveyers.

"Companies can now combine our digital, compact ViX-IM stepper drive controller with an LV Series motor to form a motion system for single-axis applications," says Feyh.

"This is a small, economical option for many manufacturers. For a low-cost, multi-axis solution, they can combine LV Series motors with our E Series microstepping drives and an ACR1505 motion controller. This is a very space-efficient solution, especially for clean room environments."

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