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Servo motion system in a single package

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article image Motors are currently offered in NEMA 23 and 34 frame sizes.

THE iBE system, available from Motion Solutions , is an entire servo motion control system in a single package, combining a servo motor drive, controller and I/O, and packing it into the back of a high-quality brushless servo motor.

By integrating the motion control system it provides many benefits such as improved electrical noise immunity and, having reduced cabling there is a reduction of automation failures caused by cabling problems.

Drive cabling is a tremendous source of electrical noise generation, in many cases the cabling acts as an antenna.

Other benefits include less electrical panel space, less parts, less wiring, less cabling, less inventory, reduced maintenance and lower engineering and installation costs.

The iBE versatility includes product expandability via I/O, and easy interface to PLC (via serial or I/O), which allows users to design a distributed control system or simplify a centralised control system.

The system interfaces with non-iBE products through sending and receiving general ASCII strings, and features flexible programming instead of limited command sets or fixed operation modes.

The iBE is suitable for applications such as packaging filling and printing, material handling gantry and palletising, medical inspection and analysing, converting winders and welding, and biomedical portable devices.

Multiple axes of iBE motors (up to 100) can be networked together without the usual hassle of encoder and drive cables.

In addition, all home and limit sensors can be connected directly to the motors, reducing cabling to a simplistic level.

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