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New EtherCAT servo drives available from Motion Solutions Australia

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ADVANCED Motion Controls of Camarillo, CA, USA introduces EtherCAT servo drives and new 'DxM' (Demultiplexed Motion) technology to meet the needs of OEMS who are continually challenged to provide motion control precision at low cost.

EtherCAT, an open Ethernet-based network standard setting new heights for real-time performance and topology flexibility has given precision a boost, and is one of the fastest growing areas in motion control technology.

ADVANCED Motion Controls has introduced the powerful DZE and DZS series of servo drives to their highly successful Z-Drives platform of plug-in servo drives for EtherCAT enabled control networks in a compact package size.

The new EtherCAT servo drives provide precise motion at reduced cost when applied in a multiple networked axes system.

ADVANCED Motion Controls also introduces the exclusive ‘DxM’ technology allowing connectivity of up to 3 DZS drives (sub-nodes) to a single DZE (node) on an EtherCAT network for up to 4 axes of servo motion. Removing the cost of additional EtherCAT nodes greatly reduces overall system cost.

'DxM' technology handles all sub-node activity easily through one node, making master tasks much simpler in multi-axis systems.

Additionally, the new DPE series of EtherCAT enabled servo drives have also been introduced as part of the panel mount DigiFlex Performance platform.

Both DPE and DZE servo drives can be used as standalone EtherCAT slave nodes in single-axis setups or as part of a larger, multiple axes EtherCAT network. The DZS servo drives must be used as sub-nodes in a 'DxM' configuration with a DZE node.

The new EtherCAT servo drives are available from Motion Solutions Australia .

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