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Motion controllers with power and performance

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article image Accepts encoder inputs to 22MHz.

GALIL Motion Control, represented by Motion Solutions Australia , has introduced the DMC-18x6 PCI bus motion controller, the first in a new generation of motion controllers, the Accelera Series.

Featuring a powerful, 32-bit Risc-based, clock multiplying processor with DSP functionality, these controllers deliver much higher speed performance and processing power than prior generation controllers.

This includes the ability to accept encoder inputs up to 22MHz, servo update rates as low as 24 microseconds per axis, and command execution speeds as low as 40 microseconds.

Galil has also improved the speed of the DMC-18x6 for step motor applications by increasing the frequency of the stepper pulse output by a factor of two with the maximum pulse rate of 6MHz.

Available in one- through eight-axis formats, the DMC-18x6 is like all Galil controllers in that the user need only purchase the number of axis required.

Each axis is user-configurable for stepper or servo motor operation, enabling the user to easily mix-and-match motor types in an application.

It also retains virtually the same programming language and 100-pin SCSI connector as Galil's prior generation DMC-18x0 PCI controllers, making conversion to the DMC-18x6 quick and easy.

The Accelera Series is Galil's fifth generation of motion controllers and crowns a 20-year legacy of innovation.

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