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Miniature linear stage solutions available from Motion Solutions Australia

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article image MX80L linear motor driven stage

Miniaturisation of fiber optics, photonics, electronics and biomedical processes has driven the need for smaller and more efficient positioners. Motion Solutions Australia are providers of Parker’s miniature stage solutions including MX80L, MX80S and MX80M.

MX80L linear motor driven stages:
Parker’s MX80L miniature linear motor stage is a small linear servo motor driven positioner. Loaded with high performance features, the MX80L is ideal for rapid linear translation and accurate positioning of lighter loads in small work envelopes.

MX80L stages provide high-precision positioning and linear motor dynamics for positioning light loads within a small workspace. They offer exceptional straightness and flatness of travel, and can position repeatedly within ±0.4 microns with encoder resolutions down to 10 nanometres.

MX80S ballscrew and leadscrew driven stages:
MX80S ballscrew driven motorised stages (left) offer high performance 100% duty operation with higher thrust (128 N) and velocities up to 100 mm/second. Featuring a PTFE coated leadscrew drive assembly (right), the MX80S provides cost-effective linear translation at velocities to 200mm/second.

MX80M free travel and micrometer driven stages:
MX80M stages have a precision micrometer drive assembly for manually controlled point to point positioning along a linear path.

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