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Low cost digital servo drive

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article image The Gemini GV digital servo drive.

THE Gemini GV from Motion Solutions is a compact, low-cost, digital servo drive available in six power levels for producing up to 40A continuous and 100A peak current, or up to 29.4kW of peak power.

It is easily configurable via RS232/485 using PC or Palm PC. Only the motor and some basic load information must be known by the drive to determine baseline-tuning gains.

These are simple parameter entries the user can complete with the help of the front-end software tools.

Features include torque, velocity, step and direction and CW/CCW modes; encoder tracking mode; digital notch filters provide the tools to eliminate mechanical resonance; sinusoidal commutation with encoder or resolver feedback; variable resolution for encoder signal output as well as the command input; wide range of PWM frequencies for linear motor support.

The Gemini GV provides the following protection; short-circuit protection - phase to phase and phase to ground; inrush current protection; drive over-voltage protection; drive under-voltage (brownout) protection; drive and motor over temperature protection; current foldback protection; regeneration protection.

With the available power levels, small package size, low cost, and numerous drive features, the Gemini GV will be the obvious choice for all your low-to-mid power servo drive applications.

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